Doctors Abroad Foundation

About Us

logoDoctors Abroad Foundation is a nonprofit organization started in 2012 to provide medical care to those underprivileged regardless of ethnicity, gender, or age.

Even today whether it be a developed or underdeveloped country, there are so many people without medical care.  My first visit abroad was to Vietnam to see my father for the first and final time as a medical student.  He died shortly after I visited him, and I remembered feeling helpless seeing him sick.   I did not understand his medical illnesses let alone have an answer on how to help him.

I started Doctors Abroad Foundation with the hope of helping other people. We cannot change the world, but it is our desire to improve the lives of the people living in it.  We perform medical missions with the following goals:

1) Provide medical care to the underprivileged

2) Exchange knowledge and expertise while embracing cultural differences

3) Establish an ongoing dialogue and network for future medical missions

Our hope is foster kindness, generosity and a legacy of good will in humanity. 

Dr. Richard Le, MD FCCP





Dr. Richard Le, MD FCCP is ABIM Board Certified  in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, and Critical Care Medicine.  He did his Residency and Fellowship training at Creighton University Medical Center in Omaha, NE.  He is currently working part time in clinical medicine while attending Law School.  Beside his passion for helping others,  his true love is caring for his son Jiraiya, whom he hopes one day will carry on his legacy to continue Doctors Abroad Foundation.



Vice President

Profile Picture 2017_Faye (1)Dr. Nguyen Truax is a nurse researcher that earned her PhD at UCLA. She is passionate about decreasing health disparities in vulnerable populations at home and abroad.  Her research interest is in the area of infectious diseases. Currently, she is also working as a pediatric nurse practitioner in primary care.



Chief Financial Officer

 After graduating from USC, Mr. Bryan Nguyen spent his time working in Southeast Asia and traveling other regions of the world to find his life mission, which is to empower education, promote creativity, protect children and support immigrants. He successfully achieved top 3 graduates from the CEO executive program from Topica Edtech Group and HBX CORe program from Harvard University. Besides serving Doctors Abroad Foundation as a Chief Finance Officer, he is the Brand Ambassador of TAP Pharmacy, Council Member of Orange County Department of Education, Vice President of VSASocal Non-Profit Organization and Investor of Vietnam International Flora Expo. He enjoys volunteering work and helping others. He loves to find the beauties in everyone and build an ecosystem for his children.



Phuong Nguyen, Pharm. D. is the President and Co-Founder of Tap Pharmacy Inc.  She graduated from Creighton University School of Pharmacy and completed a pharmacy residency program in Internal Medicine at Creighton University Medical Center.  She has been a Hospital Pharmacist since 2001.  In 2013, she opened her first independent pharmacy store, Aqua Pharmacy Inc, specializing in dermatology and in 2017 joined with Tiffany Norwood to open Tap Pharmacy Inc.